Valentines Day - are you for or against?

Valentines Day - are you for or against?

Valentine's Day, the day of love, is just around the corner. But are you for or against this day? Should we really be celebrating love only on one designated day of the year? These questions might make you ponder the true value of Valentine's Day and whether we should be celebrating love every day instead.

1. The Commercialisation of Love

One of the main arguments against Valentine's Day is the commercialisation of love. It has become a day where people feel pressured to buy expensive gifts, dine at fancy restaurants, and conform to societal expectations. But love should not be measured by the amount of money spent. It should be celebrated in its purest form, every day.

2. The Importance of Everyday Love

Love is not something that should be confined to a single day. It should be expressed and celebrated every day. Small acts of kindness, gestures of affection, and words of love can make a significant impact on our relationships. By celebrating love every day, we create a stronger bond and a deeper connection with our loved ones.

3. The Power of Spontaneity

Valentine's Day often comes with a sense of obligation and predictability. People feel compelled to follow a certain script: flowers, chocolates, and a romantic dinner. But true love is not scripted. It is spontaneous, unexpected, and unique to each relationship. By celebrating love every day, we allow for these spontaneous moments to flourish and keep the flame of love alive.

4. The Joy of Surprises

Valentine's Day can sometimes become predictable, with partners exchanging the same gifts year after year. But surprises are what keep relationships exciting and fresh. By celebrating love every day, we open ourselves up to the joy of surprises. It could be a handwritten note, a surprise date night, or a small gift just because. These surprises remind us of the beauty and excitement of love.

5. The Power of Appreciation

Valentine's Day often focuses on romantic love, but love comes in many forms. By celebrating love every day, we can also appreciate the love of family, friends, and even ourselves. Expressing gratitude and appreciation for the love we have in our lives can bring us immense joy and fulfilment.

So, are you for or against Valentine's Day? Perhaps it's time to shift our perspective and celebrate love every day. Let's break free from the constraints of one designated day and embrace the beauty of love in all its forms, every single day of the year.

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